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Perfect Beginnings

I have been planning this first post for a long time now. Inspiration came and beautiful words, oozing wit, floated through my mind. But, I got busy and did not pen any of them. Inspiration went. A child got sick. The perfect time had passed.

I waited. And I waited. But those eloquent thoughts did not make their way back into my head. My confidence, hitched to my feeling of inspiration, plummeted. Then, I just played around with the look of this blog. Still waiting.

Unfortunately, time does not wait. I had discussed my blog ideas with my sister. She was sharing her thoughts and I just mentioned that it would be nice if she started one too. The very next day, she had silently signed up, selected a theme and put in her introduction and published first post. I was still thinking of names. That reminded me of the basic difference between the both of us. I have so much to learn!

And this is just the beginning. I am going to share my learnings with you and hope you share yours with me. Together we can grow and try balancing the different aspects of our lives with greater ease.

Learning: Perfect or not, each small step taken in the right direction, will bring you closer to your goal.


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One thought on “Perfect Beginnings

  1. Savita Kispotta on said:

    Congratulations dear. ‘Start’ is the most important step towards learning. . And next is ‘sustained efforts’. . Congratultions for the start and good luck for the upcoming efforts u r gonna put in “juggling”. Looking forward to learn with you. Love.

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