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Decluttering Time

It is that time of the year again. I can feel it in the air. Even though routine cleaning keeps visible parts of the house organised, I can feel the draughts of disorganisation seep stealthily in. I am a little more stressed than usual and there is a certain dullness to my moods.

I am surprised how my possessions have multiplied and slowly filled up the silent corners of my home while I was not looking. Now, I am not an impulsive spender and neither is my husband. We actually think a lot before buying even ordinary things and deciding to bring anything new into our home. And that is why I am surprised. Things still make their way into our homes. We welcomed a baby into our lives eight months ago and with it came many new pieces of clothing, toys, etc. With so many new things coming in, if there is not an equal or more number of things going out, the house gets cluttered.

Now that I have the maths out of the way, I have to decide on a strategy to declutter. This is the seventh house I have lived in, in the eight years that I have been married. Each move helps in going through all the items and deciding what to throw and what to keep. And I do a full reorganising at least once a year. Looking back, that seems like a lot of organising. But there doesn’t seem to be much to show for all that hard work I put in. One reason is that I don’t have strong maintenance systems in place. Therefore, the family does not contribute much to the upkeep of our home. This time I want to do it right. Think through all the processes that go on in the house and set robust systems in place for maintenance.

I have always been fascinated with organising and the power it has to change our lives. I experience an immediate boost in confidence in handling the many facets of my life. I become a better cook, a loving wife, a patient mother, a creative writer, a cheerful host and an energetic home manager. Can this one thing influence so many aspects of life? It can and it does. I have experienced it before and I really need that boost now. My daughter goes back to school next week after the summer holidays and I have a stiff deadline I set myself for finishing the first draft of my novel.

I look for motivation each time I start an organising project. This time I found Throw Out Fifty Things. Gail Blanke says that when you throw out fifty things and write it down, something comes over you. You find energy, momentum and courage to do so much more. I have downloaded the workbook and will start the ‘Big Letting Go’ from June 1, 2012.

I will keep you posted on how it goes.


The Perfect Alarm Clock

I was at home taking care of my five year old when I decided I needed to find my passion. I was searching for clues to find the one thing I would love to do on a daily basis , possibly make a living out of. The major condition it had to satisfy was, it should wake me up in the mornings. You can guess how difficult it is for me to wake up early in the mornings. This would be the perfect test. If the work excited me enough to make me want to wake up earlier on a consistent basis, I had a winner.

Books have always been the love of my life. I love to read. I love how a page feels between my fingers as I turn it. I love the smell of books, old and new. I love to see row after row of books on shelves in a library. It is not just the words. It is the entire experience of finding something good to read and then reading it.

But when I looked for some pointers for finding my passion, I never thought about books. Although I loved to read and even sometimes wrote to express myself, I didn’t think I would like to contribute in any way to the making of a book or even reading to review it. Putting my writing on display to impress and be judged seemed to take the joy away from it. Analysing a book by splitting hairs certainly did the same for reading.

So, I kept looking. Didn’t find anything worthwhile.

Finally I have decided to give words a try. Conceive, execute, polish and perfect a full length work of fiction. A novel. As I work on it I realize what I had feared. I was afraid that inspirations don’t last. I know now that they don’t. Brilliant writing is rarely pure inspiration. It is the work which goes into polishing the first draft that makes a written piece truly shine.

I ask myself not if I would love to write, but if I would love to revise.

And the answer is, Yes!


Happy Mothers’ Day!

It was yesterday. I didn’t want to write about it. I am not really a ‘Day’ person. Maybe it is because there are too many ‘Days’ and the novelty has worn off.  I usually refrain from making a big deal of celebrating these days. Why should we have a special day for anything? Shouldn’t you value and cherish relationships on a regular basis rather than wait for an annual reminder? Doesn’t it become mechanical when you pretend to care just for the day?

Then my 5 year old daughter gave me this beautiful card for Mothers’ Day.

It was the most wonderful feeling. And even though I had to work on her spellings, I realized I had been a bit harsh in judging the motivation behind celebrating a day for the most cherished relationship of all. The relationship which forms the foundation for all other relationships we form over our lifetimes.

Most of the time we are all just rushing past each other. So busy all the time. Doing things we have to do. Squeezing time in for the things we love. Acknowledging one another’s presence but not having enough time to do that little extra which makes all the difference. Maybe there is nothing wrong with taking time to stop, reflect and feel gratitude for a special relationship. Most times we do feel the need for a reason to do something. A dedicated day can be a good reason.

I still will not be spending too much time on such days. The good old birthdays and anniversaries work well enough for me.  But the next time someone wishes me “Happy Happiness Day”, I will smile, be a sport and say “and to you too!”

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