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Happy Mothers’ Day!

It was yesterday. I didn’t want to write about it. I am not really a ‘Day’ person. Maybe it is because there are too many ‘Days’ and the novelty has worn off.  I usually refrain from making a big deal of celebrating these days. Why should we have a special day for anything? Shouldn’t you value and cherish relationships on a regular basis rather than wait for an annual reminder? Doesn’t it become mechanical when you pretend to care just for the day?

Then my 5 year old daughter gave me this beautiful card for Mothers’ Day.

It was the most wonderful feeling. And even though I had to work on her spellings, I realized I had been a bit harsh in judging the motivation behind celebrating a day for the most cherished relationship of all. The relationship which forms the foundation for all other relationships we form over our lifetimes.

Most of the time we are all just rushing past each other. So busy all the time. Doing things we have to do. Squeezing time in for the things we love. Acknowledging one another’s presence but not having enough time to do that little extra which makes all the difference. Maybe there is nothing wrong with taking time to stop, reflect and feel gratitude for a special relationship. Most times we do feel the need for a reason to do something. A dedicated day can be a good reason.

I still will not be spending too much time on such days. The good old birthdays and anniversaries work well enough for me.  But the next time someone wishes me “Happy Happiness Day”, I will smile, be a sport and say “and to you too!”


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5 thoughts on “Happy Mothers’ Day!

  1. crystal on said:

    I think I agree with you about celebrating every day……..but some people seem to need a day to remind them of the relationships they need to celebrate.Today’s pace of life ,where even children are racing to meet deadlines…..at least one day tells them to be sensitively appreciative of the person who needs that extra word of kindness,a smile to tell them that they are valued….and maybe a small gift …even a flower or chocolate.

  2. I always thought it a good idea to celebrate that one day a little extra. It is highly unlikely that anyone would give their mother flowers every day,and it would lose its value if they did. So acknowledging and doing that little bit extra on that one day a year is special- just like a birthday or anniversary. Like your daughter showed you- there is no need to “commercialize” it and spend money- all it takes to make someone feel special is that thought and effort! So really- go ahead and celebrate every “day” there is-theres so much to celebrate 🙂

  3. I agree with you two. And that is what I have said. My post is about the general ‘day’ idea. Mothers’ Day was just an example. I just wanted to explore the motivations behind celebrating or not.

  4. Aww!! Thats such a cute card 🙂
    Well, I have a slightly different thought on this..How often do you find kids giving such cards to their parents or couples going that extra mile to express their love ? Not too often,right? But when we receive love in these forms we do feel blessed and happy although we know its for “that day” and not any day..So why not celebrate them..In a busy world like this we definitely need reasons to pause for a moment and I feel these are much needed speed-breakers..

  5. Soma on said:

    Overt expression of feelings some how make me feel a little artificial or do I say ” with effort”. The old timers like me recognise such love through a loving smile, glass of water stretched when you reach home tired,a cup of coffee given unexpectedly when watching sports channel multiplying the joy or just a hug. Less words and just being there in difficult times

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