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Hyderabad Indiblogger’s Meet- June 2012

Stay at home motherhood is a lonesome job. I thought writing would cure that. Found that writing is lonelier still. Wondered if blogging would be the remedy. Even though I write primarily for myself, it does feel like stepping out into the world. The endless possibility of meeting wonderful people. What more could one want?

Dreams turned into reality on Sunday when an in-person meet was organized by Gautam through Indiblogger. I wanted to acquaint myself with all the bloggers registered for the meet before I went. With important guests arriving and my son falling ill, I did not have time and just skimmed through most of them. I knew I had to go. Even if it were only to establish that I still had a life of my own, other than caretaking and homemaking. 

I am fairly new to blogging with just seven posts published. Imagined I would meet a tight group of people who knew each other’s blogs and nothing to say to me. I was wrong. They welcomed me with open arms and hearts. Thank you, Gautam, Crack the Sky, Subho’s Jejun Diet, Gardener at 60, Tilling the Earthwoman, Gaming Garage, Cool PC Tips and Restless Fingers!

Subho said it was fun putting faces to blogs. For me it was more putting blogs to faces once I got home. Maybe it was just as well I did not know that I was among mini celebrities. Instead of basking in the warmth of the good company, I would have been mentally planning how to improve my own writing.

“Kindred Spirits” I smiled to myself as I rode back home.

Are we?

I don’t know.

It will surely be fun finding out!


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13 thoughts on “Hyderabad Indiblogger’s Meet- June 2012

  1. Your enthusiasm and determination, and your personal commitment to the path you have chosen is an inspiration to all of us. Thanks for this lovely post.

  2. secretlakr on said:

    It was great of you to come to the meet braving the rough weather and unforeseen circumstances and connect with other bloggers. Showed the true spirit of Hyderabad bloggers.

  3. Loved your arrival , along with the cute future bloggers, and obliging husband.
    Right now you are the homemaker, the most wonderful job in the world. Enjoy and share the unique experiences , when you find the time 🙂

  4. Savita on said:

    Hi Love… Feeling so happy that you ‘juggled’ out to meet the bloggers, that it fells like its my own feat :-).
    Carry on the good work.. Though I miss having you around online (For myself). But, I know that we have always been able to catch up from where we left & catch up really well irrespective of the gap that ensues.
    All the very best. You would do great.

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  6. Thanks for your support, Savi. It means a lot.

    I am not even half as efficient as I could be. I had forgotten how the best of intentions go south with an active infant around.

  7. bhavanas11 on said:

    Oh I Juggle juggled in a post amidst her juggling balls!!! It was so nice to have you there–so sweet to see your enthusiasm and your alertness! Waiting for ur future juggle posts:) My love your kids!

  8. Thanks, Bhavana. You are such an inspiration. I hope we can entice you to visit Hyderabad more often.

  9. I have met a few bloggers myself, Juggler, and have enjoyed those interactions (you can read about them here http://thatandthisinmumbai.wordpress.com/2012/05/31/of-bloggers-met-almost-met-and-not-met/). Some of them have become close friends and scarcely a day goes by without talking to at least one of them.

    From your list, I have met Bhavana 🙂

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