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Cleared Some Space and Feeling Energised

What does being organised mean to you? To me it means that I can find what I want without feeling stressed and living in a space which radiates peace. Being organised is much more than being neat or clean. It is a state of mind. If you can find what you are looking for quickly and be able to instruct someone else to do so, that space is organised. Knowing the what, where, how and most importantly, the why are the first steps to getting organised. When you are organised it becomes a firm foundation for all the things that you want to do well in life. It is like a backbone of structure running through the many things that shape your life. When you organise your physical space, your mental space gets organised. Your thoughts become clearer.

For me organizing is fun because part of it is establishing systems and logic underlies the entire process. If you have been following this blog, you know that I thrive on theory. It just makes everything more interesting for me.

Why am I going on and on about it? You guessed it! I cleared a major lot of books and papers yesterday. What a day it was! I started with a bout of allergy. So I was sneezing and sniffing the entire time. But since I had planned this, I just forged ahead. It was definitely worth it. I cleared a lot of stuff I had been holding onto for quite some time.

I find purging books so much more difficult than clothes. I have a more functional relationship with clothes. With books (and diaries, and papers with my daughter’s scribbles) there is a deeper emotional connect. So this pile had been growing and growing while every time I wanted to throw/ give something away ( remember the decluttering plan?), I would conveniently go to the clothes shelf, take a few pieces out, put it in a bag and give it off the very next day to my household help.

Yesterday’s decluttering put me in a wonderful head space and I woke up a good 5 minutes before the alarm rang at 4 am. The writing went very smoothly and I wrote down 1.5 times my usual number of words in that time. It really is simple. Momentum in one area of life livens up the other areas as well.

Whenever you feel stuck in the middle of any project, it is a wonderful idea to go organise a space. It clears up a lot of energy. Not just the subtle kind. You actually will feel physically more energetic. Declutter before you build a logical system into the space. You could also use symmetry to create a visual appeal. That well ordered look is what I call neat. But neat does not automatically imply organised. Although if you are organised it is easier to be neat.

How do you define clean, neat or organised? Do you use these words interchangeably?


Decluttering Time

It is that time of the year again. I can feel it in the air. Even though routine cleaning keeps visible parts of the house organised, I can feel the draughts of disorganisation seep stealthily in. I am a little more stressed than usual and there is a certain dullness to my moods.

I am surprised how my possessions have multiplied and slowly filled up the silent corners of my home while I was not looking. Now, I am not an impulsive spender and neither is my husband. We actually think a lot before buying even ordinary things and deciding to bring anything new into our home. And that is why I am surprised. Things still make their way into our homes. We welcomed a baby into our lives eight months ago and with it came many new pieces of clothing, toys, etc. With so many new things coming in, if there is not an equal or more number of things going out, the house gets cluttered.

Now that I have the maths out of the way, I have to decide on a strategy to declutter. This is the seventh house I have lived in, in the eight years that I have been married. Each move helps in going through all the items and deciding what to throw and what to keep. And I do a full reorganising at least once a year. Looking back, that seems like a lot of organising. But there doesn’t seem to be much to show for all that hard work I put in. One reason is that I don’t have strong maintenance systems in place. Therefore, the family does not contribute much to the upkeep of our home. This time I want to do it right. Think through all the processes that go on in the house and set robust systems in place for maintenance.

I have always been fascinated with organising and the power it has to change our lives. I experience an immediate boost in confidence in handling the many facets of my life. I become a better cook, a loving wife, a patient mother, a creative writer, a cheerful host and an energetic home manager. Can this one thing influence so many aspects of life? It can and it does. I have experienced it before and I really need that boost now. My daughter goes back to school next week after the summer holidays and I have a stiff deadline I set myself for finishing the first draft of my novel.

I look for motivation each time I start an organising project. This time I found Throw Out Fifty Things. Gail Blanke says that when you throw out fifty things and write it down, something comes over you. You find energy, momentum and courage to do so much more. I have downloaded the workbook and will start the ‘Big Letting Go’ from June 1, 2012.

I will keep you posted on how it goes.

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