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Five Great Ways to Trick Yourself into Feeling Motivated

Let’s be honest, there are many things we need to do but don’t really want to. I know I feel that way about household chores. I swing from feeling great when I get the housework done to wishing I could get myself a wife. No, don’t say we are all equal. Any married woman will tell you, we are not. Since I am the one staying at home to take care of the kids, I am not really complaining. Not all the time, anyway.

In the meanwhile, I have devised some fun ways of not only making the process enjoyable, but also seeing that the job gets done well. This can be applied to any task or job that you don’t feel like doing but have to do anyway.
Follow these steps to trick yourself into feeling motivated:

1. Move with quick purposeful movements. Your energy and enthusiasm will soon catch up with your physical movements. Straight spine and shoulders back can work wonders for word count too.

2. Imagine this to be your dream task and pretend to love the process. When you have fun working, you will be more efficient. Work will also get done much faster this way.

3. Pretend that you know exactly what needs to be done next. Sometimes motivation levels are low because of the complexity of the task at hand. You may not know how you will accomplish all the steps required to complete the task. When you act with confidence you may find that the steps were not so difficult, after all.

4. Don’t aim for perfection. Have a basic quality threshold which needs to be met. Once done, move on to the next step or task that you need to do.

5. Play a game and complete the task within a designated time frame. Remember my friend, the timer? Use it to mark time. It will help you focus and finish the job at hand before moving on to other things.

Try these steps on tasks you don’t like and see them transform into satisfying accomplishments.

Tell me, tell me, did it work?



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